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Your Success Begins With Us

My services are here to help guide you through life.
This covers hands on, personal and professional advice to provide you with the Peace and Comfort you deserve in today's society.

"The only way to do great
work is to love what you do"

Our Services

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Public Services

Advocate in assisting women to getting a fresh start in life after traumas, such as divorce, loss of job, self- discipline, self- worth, relationship issues, etc.

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Life Coach

Collaboration: Let’s walk this path together. Whether it’s rebuilding after divorce or finding hope amidst grief, needing a fresh start, or giving your relationship a reboot. I am here to understand and provide practical solutions.

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Marital Counseling

Pre-marriage counseling for brides-to-be and discussing what marriage looks like. Preparing for your big day and the days that follow is essential in your growth.


To provide unwavering support, resources, and empowerment to women facing adversity. Through personalized guidance, workshops, and community, we’ll create a sisterhood of strength.

A world where every woman stands tall, unafraid of life’s storms.

Caring Navigator: Life throws curveballs.
Why choose Peace and Comfort Solutions?
Empathy First: I believe in meeting women where they are. Their stories matter, and I’m here to listen without judgment.
Advocate for Resilience: I champion resilience. No matter the obstacle. We’ll find a way forward.

Alecia Davis (Founder/CEO)

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I am a certified life coach for women going through a midlife transition who are struggling to find the right direction to give them a peaceful solution in life. I am positive, enthusiastic, supportive, trusting, respectful, and a clear communicator.

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